If you’re reading this, then congratulations! You have just completed Sam Certification and are ready to take your business to the next level.

Sam is just the beginning, Sam makes it possible for you to do business with the federal government. But there are state and local certifications to consider.

You’ll also want to ask yourself, what type of contracts do you want to go after? Do you want to be completely optimized to do business on all levels? And if so, that is the next step to continue your certifications.

But if you’re Sam active, now you can bid, so the next step will be to figure out how you’re going to market yourself.

You want to make sure you have a capability statement, at least to proactively build relationships. But also you definitely want to see what is it that you’re selling, do some research around who has received contracts in these areas before, and how much did they price it for.

So that you can start building out your pricing structure because most people don’t know exactly how to price and charge the government for their services. You don’t want to price them the same way you invoice out to your current, individual clients. News flash the government pays well. They pay you for the true value of the services that you are offering.

The next step is really to be looking for opportunities whether you’re looking at beta.sam.gov for opportunities or if you have some type of third-party search engine that’s sending you notifications of contracting opportunities on the federal level like bid search or USA apps.

There’s a bunch of third-party bid searching engines that are out there that can kind of do the research for you and send you solicitations. Find the opportunities and bid on the. That is really ideally the next step, once you’re SAM certified.

Remember if you’re not bidding, you’re not winning!

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