Do you want to create generational wealth?

With government contracts, it’s not that hard. You just have to have the will and stamina for it! So, if you are a small business owner, this is the business model to use! Even if you are just starting, keep in mind that the magnitude of being an entrepreneur is HUGE! The opportunities are HUGE. Just hang tight! Struggling entrepreneurs today are going to be the winners tomorrow!

Prior to the success I’m embracing today, I went through a lot of struggle and damage. And I know you do too. There were times when I wanted to go back to doing a job. But this business model helped me redefine my entrepreneurship and thereon, my life! For most small business owners, getting a six-figure income means working overtime, chasing down customers and working REALLY hard. But let me ask you this, what if you can do a one-day job worth $90,000? Yes, that’s the depth of being a real entrepreneur, and how do I know? Because I did get a $90,000-a-day contract! What if you can do it 4 times per month? Your 6-figure income will be checked in no time! Let’s take a look at the best business model for small businesses.

Let’s picture your business as a vehicle.

Wheel 1 – Business Credit

How are you going to pay yourself/ employees when you are in the developing stage of the business? Business credit! When you grow with time, there are tremendous opportunities and easy access to credit cards and cash, which will incorporate you as your business capital. Despite of the myths, business credit is a must. It gives you an edge! It gives you chance to expand your business and build your brand.

Wheel 2 – Life Insurance

Here I mean universal index life policies which allow you to double your money, EVERYDAY! These will bring you cash value and living benefits (medical benefits). You can also pull these to invest in real estate, etc. as well when you need.

Wheel 3 – Premium Client

As we discussed in our last blog, ‘Why Most Small Business Owners Aren’t Making Millions?’, engaging with premium clients pays off when times are rough. And the only premium clients in the world are Governments and Corporations. If you want to see your bank account going crazy, this is the way. If you want to succeed, supplying to individual customers is a no-no.

Wheel 4 – Personal Credit

Personal credit leverages your business. Don’t let the rumours fool you. Don’t be afraid to go for personal credit. If you have bad credit, fix it! You can use this to build or buy whatever elevates your business. But every time you are about to spend your personal credit on something, ask yourself these questions:

Is this an asset? Is it going to make money for me?


Is this a liability? Does it take money out of my pocket?

These are the strategies the rich use to create generational wealth and legacy! They use other people’s money to build what they want while keeping theirs safe. Think about our business model and the four wheels now; Business credit, life insurance, premium client contracts and personal credit are all other people’s money (OPM). Not yours! You are using OPM to leverage your own business and become rich.

There are two types of rich people in the world.

  • Cashflow-rich

When you have a solid cash flow and liabilities but no assets.

  • Asset-rich

When you have converted your liabilities to assets or have used your cash flow to get precious commodities like land, real estate, gold, art, etc.

Or you can be both!

Now you see that it’s not only about making money. It’s about building your portfolio! Adding value to your name!

Watch this video for more tips and details.

And if your business vehicle is going nowhere, you have probably forgotten a wheel or it doesn’t have wheels at all. So, analyze and see what it requires to get moving. The most critical wheel here is premium clients. Every other wheel, you can do on your own, with time. But finding government contracts can be challenging. That’s exactly why we have our ‘5-Day Challenge’. 

Do you want to get qualified to provide your services to the government in just 5 days?! Visit and register to pre-qualify your business for government contracts!