Everyone wants to double, triple if not quadruple their income and live the life of their dreams! 

It’s doable. And you can follow this method to maximize your income even if you are a five-figure entrepreneur ($80,000 – $90,000), as it’s the same process! But if you are a five-figure entrepreneur, there’s a lot more groundwork, professional development and positioning you need to do compared to a six-figure entrepreneur. They are already there, so catch up!

So, this helps if your numbers go from $100,000 to $999,999 and you can uplift your quality of life within a year! As a high-level entrepreneur, it’s easier to make more money within less time than an intermediate entrepreneur. But you will have to have the stamina and the will to do so. Nothing will hike if your mentality and that inner voice get bored in the middle!

How can I increase my income? These three things will show you how to generate more income. When I say double your income, I’m not suggesting doing more work, chasing more customers or selling more products! You will have to become more strategic than that if you want to make big bucks!

  • Optimize Your Business

Running a business and running an optimized business are two very different things. I can’t stress this enough → If you want to boost your revenue, you SHOULD sell to a premium buyer! And optimizing your business is how you attract a premium buyer. There are only two types of premium buyers in this world; governments and corporations. And qualifying to cater to one of these parties will automatically qualify you to cater to the other. But it all depends on the foundation of your business. Ask these three questions from you:

  • What do I have?
  • What does my buyer require?
  • Can I qualify for this job?

If you have an optimized business, your buyer might even write you a six-figure cheque! Putting into simple terms, this is the law of attraction → If you want to attract a premium buyer, you will have to become a premium brand entrepreneur! You attract who you are! Everything you are wishing for, you have to be. For example, if you want your buyer to write you a big cheque, buy your premium product, you will have to transact in big cheques and premium products as well. What you give, you receive. You have to be both a doer and a receiver. And the more you give, the more you receive.

If you see that you are not what your premium buyer demands, go back to your foundation, your beginning and fix it. If you are a six-figure earner or close, but you are not in the 411 directory or you are not building business credit, you have missed critical steps. So, go back, optimize! It’s never too late to renovate the cracks.

One other thing is that, if you want to attract a premium buyer, you need to have premium prices. Do not be afraid to charge your worth, ever! Do your homework and find out what the buyer is paying rather than focusing on your pricing. It’s about attracting premium buyers, but it’s all about who you want to become. To earn more, you have to follow the success principle, BeDoHave:

  • Be: In order to have what you want to have, you must first become.
  • Do: You have to become the person who does the thing.
  • Have: Have the business and qualifications that are demanded for the job.


  • Maximize Your Power

Anyone can sell to the government and the government buys absolutely anything. Did your business get a piece of that pie last time? If your answer is no, then you have left your six-figure cheque on the table for someone else! When the government calls out for small businesses, and you don’t have your small business certificate + you are still learning about business + you haven’t made multiple six figures, you need to work on it right now because that’s where your power lies. Otherwise, there’s obviously no other option left for you other than leaving your piece of the pie!

Having certification gives you power. Your experience in similar businesses gives you an edge. It makes you stand out from the crowd. When your premium buyers call you out, make sure you are geared up with everything that is needed to stand in the line. You should have the power to claim! One contract, one client, one premium buyer and multiple six-figures is how you maximize your income faster.

  • Systemize Your Process

You might have seen some confused entrepreneurs that are all over the place who are struggling because they don’t have a blueprint, a system. A fully functional system is a must in increasing your revenue!

If we take Jeff Bezos, he went from selling books in his garage to becoming one of the largest distributors in the world because he had a system in place, a system of distribution. And then he took one more step forward and allowed other people to sell on his platform. Again, an e-commerce system. These systems are duplicatable. If you don’t currently have one, you can improvise and build on an already-implemented system.

Get your foot and head in the game, get into rooms filled with positive vibes that will cast bigger shadows of your success. You will, of course, have to work on yourself before getting invited to these rooms. You have to keep practicing the BeDoHave principle. And thereafter, when you are solid, when your business becomes the real deal, your success will get only bigger and bigger.

The gist:

  • Optimize your business, fix the pitch.
  • Maximize your power, become credible.
  • Systemize your processes and establish a blueprint to leverage opportunities.
  • Have your capability statement, pay tax.
  • Show your community what you do, how you do it and how good you are at what you do.
  • Keep reading, keep studying your domain! Everything you need to know is in the books. One of the main reasons small business entrepreneurs struggle is lack of knowledge and lack of work.
  • At times, when you compare your business to others, you may get the feeling that you are too small that you are not even in the game! It doesn’t matter how small you think you are or if you are at a disadvantage, there are opportunities out there for you to grow and become big!
  • If you are willing to build with partners or coaches, you will get there even faster.

“The more aligned and spiritual you are with your purpose, the more abundance you can attract into your life.” – Dr. Karwanna D.

If you are a small business entrepreneur, ask yourself why you do it, what’s the purpose, what do you want to gain. Have a deeper level of understanding of why you do what you do. If you do business only for the sake of doing a business, you might not go far and your satisfaction will lie only on your monetary gain. But, for longevity, it’s your gifts that make room for you. You have to operate in your gifts and when the purpose of your business is deeper than just monetary gain, abundance will naturally flow to you!

As for me, my gift is servitude. I am born to serve others. Educate others and guide them towards success. And my purpose is to free generations to come, to break the curse and open up their minds so that they can attract abundance without struggle!

It’s all about leveraging and if you follow these three steps to maximize your income, you will be looking at a doubled, tripled or quadrupled income within 6-12 months. Get out of the norm and stop being ordinary! Be special, be extraordinary and work on becoming the best possible version of yourself! Life won’t offer you everything on a silver plate. You have to get up and work for it and it will hurt! Take all the pain, take all the tiredness and restlessness, and transform it into your power, let it reflect in your bank account!

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