Do Something Every Day That Brings You One Step Closer To Your Goals

I’m Karwanna Dyson, CEO of She’s Got Goals LLC. I’m an Author, Business Coach and Motivational Speaker. I’ve founded this business to as a one-­‐stop resource and connect for women entrepreneurs such as yourself. Over the years I have learned how to build a business from the ground up and that includes establishing your business, marketing, branding, building a website, understanding your target market and more. It took me over 10 years to learn the things about business that I know. I designed this business so that you won’t have to take as long to grow your business and discover what it takes to be successful. I believe that women are just as much a leading force in the business world as they are in the family. With that said, here are some simple tips for your business that you can implement right away.

Always take the time to plan your schedule and make every effort to achieve your daily goals. Creating a vision for your business is key and accomplishing small steps on a daily basis will help you reach those goals in no time. This is how you maximize your efforts to be more effective and deliberate in your every attempt to build, grow and expand your business so that you can maintain a healthy balance between work, family, spirituality and fun.

If You Always Do What You Always Did, You’ll Always Get What You Always Got.

If your anything like I was when I first decided to start my business, you may be able to relate to this powerful statement. There’s a saying that states doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. I’m here to tell you that if it doesn’t work, try something new and what a better way to try something new than to do what someone else has already done successfully. Start your business, build business credit, open a separate business bank account, get certified, network, build your brand…etc. You may not do these things in this particular order, but whatever you do, make a plan to get accomplish each one of them. When you can work for yourself, pay all your bills and still have enough funds to re-­‐invest in your business and family, that is the beginning of financial freedom and we are here to help you get there one step at a time.