What can I sell to the government? Will the government buy my stuff?

These are burning questions any new small business owner who wants to cater to the government possibly has. First things first, when you are in a business, you have to be strategic! You have to stay outside the box! Most small entrepreneurs do not understand this and it makes them abandon the business after trying for a little while simply because the demand they were expecting isn’t there. That happens when many small business entrepreneurs sell the same product and don’t know testosterone pills how to position!

The thing about the government is that they buy anything! Today, let me help you by bringing into the light a few uncommon goodies you can sell to the government that you never even thought you could.

  • Uniforms

A government is formed with many agencies within. It’s not a single entity. And employees of these agencies wear uniforms! (fire department, your local transportation agency, for example). And you are able to provide these uniforms to these government bodies. You may have your own boutique but you can use it for your private business while maintaining a production line for the government. It will only increase your credibility. So, if you are in the clothing industry, this is your opportunity!

  • Paper clips

Yes, you read that right! You can sell paper clips to the government which they will buy in bulk. This could be your 6-figure government contract. So simple, yet so profitable! 

  • Pins

Imagine getting a $10,000 government contract for pins! It may seem like a small contract, but this is how you pave the road. Now you know how it’s done, you are becoming familiar with the process with these types of contracts.

  • Computers

This is an idea that can be expanded as the government doesn’t buy just computers. They buy software, security systems, IT services and infrastructure, etc. This is also a bulk purchase, so think about the dollars you can make when you deliver all the mentioned facilities and more combined!

  • Sticky notes

If you are in product space or office supplies, this is huge! Even if you are not, but you are in services, this might make sense. The last time I saw a solid contract for sticky notes, which was about eight months ago, it was for $250,000 – $300,000! 

  • Cleaning supplies

The government buys cleaning supplies for their buildings and cleaning companies. Imagine all the government-owned buildings using your cleaning products to maintain their offices! What would that make you?! → R-I-C-H! It’s better if you have products that resonate with the green concept, but that won’t really matter.

  • Shoes

This could come under clothes and accessories as well. We are talking about sandals, boots, uniform shoes, etc. → specific types of shoes for specific types of government employees. Is this your niche? Then step in!

  • Paper

It doesn’t matter which type of paper you sell; printing paper, ruled paper, photo paper, etc., the government buys paper, any kind of paper!

  • Backpacks

Backpacks? Yes, the government needs to provide the navy, the army, the air force; the military with backpacks, and they buy these in bulk. There might be a specific type of backpack as in a certain material, color, weight, height and depth, but if you are in the business, you can cater.

  • Bottled water

I know! It blew my mind the first time I saw a half-a-million-dollar contract for bottled water! And no, you don’t have to be the one who bottles it or you don’t have to be a professional in the bottled water industry. You just need to be the one who sources it!

  • Nuts and bolts

There are government contracts for screws, nails, nuts and bolts, and many other related materials. This is an important purchase for the government as they can be used anywhere, everywhere. 

  • T-shirts

If you are in the T-shirt and apparel game, this might be your turning point. The government buys T-shirts for various events as well as to incorporate into their day-to-day routines.

  • Refrigerators

This is about refrigerators, like the ones you have in your home or commercial refrigerators you see at stores. The government buys refrigerators for its facilities and it doesn’t end there. They buy other related items like refrigerator trucks as well. So, if this is something that goes with your business, get in the game now!

  • Signage

Specializing in signage can get you millions, if not billions worth of contracts. Signage is about traffic signs and boards; the ones you usually see on the side of the road. 

  • Sauces

This is a very good example of staying out of the box. The government buys syrups, ketchup, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise and etc. and it’s a tremendous opportunity for you if you are a small business that works in this sector. Add some fries and upsell!

  • Cars

The government buys cars to provide transportation to various parties. If you run a car dealership, this is how you can seal a contract with the government. The government may or may not have specifications for these vehicles. Don’t shrink, provide what they want and get the doors opened!

  • Coats/ Jackets

This is another category that falls under clothing. And just like backpacks, they may have specifications; material, thickness, buttons, zippers, etc. But you can definitely sell it to the government.

  • Cameras

Specialists like Nikon and Sony already have contracts with the government for cameras, but that doesn’t mean you can’t!

  • Accessories

This is about hats, jewellery, belts and all kinds of accessories. If you are in the clothing niche, this is another way you can get in touch with the government until they have a contract out for what you, as a business caters exactly!

  • Wigs

Not a lot of people have recognized the existence of this opportunity. When people come back from war or government servers are diagnosed with cancer, surgeries, or hair loss, having a wig is a solution. It could be prosthetic wigs and if you can supply this demand, you can get rich in the process.

  • Art

Creative arts, music, sculptures, drawings or whatever the form of art you are doing, it has a chance to become a government contract! Especially, when there’s a new building or a community center, they look for art decor to go on the walls and sculptures to improve the aesthetics of the place. So, pitch in!

  • Food

When the public food & restaurant industry had to shut down during the pandemic, guess what didn’t have to shut down! The same food & restaurant industry that catered to the government! Catering food is one of the biggest government demands and these are not specifically about catering food. There are contracts for canned foods and beverages and these can be multiple 6-figure contracts as well!

  • Fire extinguishers

The government needs fire extinguishers for all kinds of government properties. Therefore, there are all kinds of contracts in the arena.

  • Heaters/ air conditioners

The government needs to provide heaters and air conditioners to its various agencies around the country. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be heaters or air conditioners. It could be equipment related to these items too.

  • Tires

Apart from cars, you can get tires as a separate contract and if you think about it, it’s not just tires, it could be any spare part or vehicle stickers or windshield sun shades, etc. You just have to know how to position yourself.

  • Toilet paper/ tissue

Government contracts don’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as toilet paper! City agencies, local agencies, the county, the police department, schools, the military and every government body is run by employees and they use toilet papers, tissues and everyday items just like you and I do!

  • Testing kits

The government buys pregnancy testing kits, COVID testing kits, testing kits for STIs, and etc. And you don’t have to be the one who makes them. You just have to be resourceful enough to get them and direct them to the government.

  • Appliances

Apart from refrigerators, the government buys microwaves, air-fryers, washing machines, dryers and other appliances.

  • Beverages

Apple juice, sodas, soft drinks, wine, milk and many other beverages have a place in the government in addition to water. And this is not about the beverage itself. It could be the machines, the cans, bottle openers, straws, etc. You just have to open your eyes to the actual potential!

  • Vending machines

You can see vending machines in absolutely any government agency and they have to be sourced by someone! Again, you don’t have to own them. You just need to be resourceful enough to get access to vending machines and deliver it to the government.

The one thing you have to understand when you are stepping into government contracts is that the government may not have a contract for the exact service or product you sell, but it doesn’t mean there’s no chance for you! Think about it like this, if there’s a government contract for socks, but you sell T-shirts, it doesn’t mean you can’t sell socks. Think of it as ‘clothing’ rather than thinking about it in terms of separate categories! Or, if there’s a contract for tacos, request to add sauce and upsell! Get in the game first!

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