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Does Your Business Qualify For Government Contracts?

To be eligible for government contracts, your business must meet certain criteria. In this post, we’ll go over the basics of eligibility and give you a few tips on how to qualify. Keep in mind that these are just general requirements; specific contract opportunities may have additional qualifications. So if you’re interested in pursuing government contracts, be sure to do your research!​

To answer the question, does my business qualify for government contracts? So if you’re here today, because you are curious about government contracts, how it works for you, do your, does your business qualify? These are most of the common questions that we get from people who are brand new or are just not quite sure how they could position themselves to actually start landing these large lucrative contracts that are specifically set aside for small businesses. So if you’re here today, we’re gonna answer the question.

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I’m Karwanna D. your government contracts specialist and author of Don’t Duck The Government, They’ve Got Your Money!

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