To answer this question, we will walk you through the specific steps you need to follow in order to make it official.

This makes it so that not only are you understanding that you qualify for government contracting but you also get to know the next steps that you should follow in order to get into that strategic position to score the biggest contracts available for you!

Step One: Have a Business

The first point to answer this million-dollar question is to have a business. So if you have a business, you could check your first checkbox in the process! In order to land the premium climb of doing business with the #1 largest purchaser of business products and services in the world as your client, you are supposed to have a business.

If you check this box, you qualify for the first step of understanding whether your business is qualified to pursue government contracts.

Step Two: Understand Your Product and/or Service

The second point to ponder upon is to have a service or a product to offer and understand the particular service or the product. If you match this description of the above fact, you could check the second check box. If you understand what you are selling or what you want to sell, yes, you do qualify for government contracts!

So far, In a nutshell, you’ve got to have a business. Along with the business you’ve got to have a product or a service that you want to sell and should be able to articulate and identify what that is. And what we do inside the challenge is that we take that and we show you other things that are complimentary that you can also sell.

At the Trillion Dollar Secret, we will also give you other ideas about areas where you can fundamentally create multiple sources of income within your business. We do all of that with you in the govcon challenge.

Imagine this, you’ve already checked out two boxes out of the three that I’m sharing with you. So, how much money are we leaving on the table right now? How long have you had a service that you could offer? It is that simple! If you have a business and a product or a service of offer that’s two of the three checkboxes that you should check to qualify for government contracts.

Step Three: Premium Pricing

The third and final point to qualify for government contracts is premium pricing. This is where most small business owners get stuck. They don’t really understand how to price their service for a person let alone the government. So, if you have a business, a service or a product, the third thing is to have a price. When I say pricing, a premium price is what you want to have. So, what is your price? 

For example: say, a photographer’s basic hourly charge is $75 with a 4-hour minimum the pay is $300 per gig. That’s the typical pricing. But when it comes to government contracting you want to think premium. So literally you can charge $200-$300 per hour depending on the package layout. Let us take $250 for a minimum of 4 hours, the charge is $1000 per gig and you do that gig multiple times a month for 12 months! Ideally, those contracts are for two to five years. And imagine, you do the gig four times a month for twelve months, which is $48000. If you do it for 3 years you become a whopping six-figure government contractor. 

The price is where the magic happens!

The government doesn’t require your one-day service. They need your 2 – 5 year commitment and they are going to pay you premium pricing. It does not matter what service or product you offer. If you are not doing business with the government. You are leaving money on the table. I broke down the math simply so that you could understand how you could multiply your income while doing business with the #1 business purchaser in the world.

We are almost in a recession, so you’ve got to start taking action RIGHT NOW! You need to have a business that is going to support you through the tough times to come. And maybe, if you play your cards right, you and your family might not have to face the hardships that come with being a small business owner. You can weather the storms to come with the reliable list of customers and consistent income that comes with government contracting!

Like I said before, you’ve got the potential to make it all happen for yourself. You just need to reach out and grab what’s within your reach! If you have a business, a great product, and if you understand how to price your goods, you have the makings to become a successful government contractor!

The GovCon challenge helps you fill any gaps in knowledge, and any lack of understanding to motivate you to re-structure your business so that you can land government contracts! 

Not doing proper research is one of the main reasons for most small businesses to struggle when it comes to new ventures. The GovCon challenge goes through 5 days of research to make sure that you are aware of all the ins and outs of doing business with the government. This will help you land the golden ticket to knock on the doors of government agencies who are ready to do business with you!

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