Did you know there are all sorts of opportunities for businesses to get their foot in the door with government contracts? 

But if you are trying to position yourself and figure it out on your own, it may take up to two to three years, or you may never get there. It takes time to figure out the cadence and all the nuances; bump your head a little, lift yourself up and learn from the mistakes. 

I’ve already done all this stuff, so I’ve been able to put that experience into a simple three-step methodology and create a system where you can get contracts in a record time.

When you plug into a system that works, you don’t have to go through all those worries.

Though there is a specific strategy for getting access to these government contracting opportunities, I will show you ten different government contracting opportunities you can absolutely go after. 

  • Office Supplies

As entrepreneurs, we all buy paper pins and staplers, and you know where to buy them, so if you see any contract for office supplies, why will you let it pass by, especially when you can go on to places like Alibaba and reach out for meagre-priced supplies.

When investing, you must consider only two things: “Is it profitable, and does it make sense?”

  • Janitorial Cleaning Services

For those who have cleaning companies, janitorial companies, laundromats, or a homemaker, whatever it is, there are janitorial cleaning services available on every level of government that you can try to go after today.

  • Landscaping

Anyone can easily start a landscaping business because there are always places to be landscaped all over, and if you can land a landscaping contract, you will be dealing with multiple six figures!

  •  Security Services

There is a great demand for security services because the government always feels unsafe and needs to be protected. In fact, one of my close friends and colleagues landed a million-dollar contract for security services, which was life-changing for him. Prior to this, I had been telling him to do this and that, and he didn’t do it, but once he positioned himself and understood how it worked, he landed his first six-figure contract.

  • Catering Services

For all those who have catering side hustles, you can sell your foodies to the government too. So if you carter if you have a restaurant, a baker, or whatever you make, you can land multiple six-figure government contracts for just one day of catering!

  • IT Support and Maintenance Services

If you do anything related to IT, that’s a huge contracting opportunity for a thousand-dollar an hour type of contract. Just imagine billing thousand dollars an hour and working for ten hours a day. You might not even be able to count how much you earn.

  • Waste Removal and Recycling Services

Believe it or not, your city’s waste removal, trash company, and recycling companies have a government contract. You can grab this opportunity, too; it’s not a big deal to have a recycling service; you can just have it on a construction site, but the hard part is grabbing that opportunity.

  • Office Furniture

The crazy part about this is that the government isn’t going to just buy one; they will buy in multiples because the government buys in bulk. These are things most people overlook, opportunities lying around unseen. 

  • Building Maintenance and Repairs

If you are into property management, this could fall in line with you, or if you are a handyman good at fixing things, these opportunities are yours lying around because the government needs maintenance and repairs too. 

  • Printing Services

You can easily get a contract from the government for printing documents or making copies for the government, or creating fliers, signs, and billboards. 

Thinking outside the box and going for something will help you create revenues to take your business to the next level. Especially people who have been stuck with a lack of income, money, or resources must be creative to propel the business forward. 

Not everyone has the resources they need, so you must find a way around these hurdles; it’s all about strategies. No should never be your definitive answer because there is always a way you can get a government contract regardless of who told you no or impossible. 

You just have to be prequalified to sell to the government, and you are good to go after six-figure government contract opportunities. If you are in position, checked all the boxes, and understand my strategy, nothing will hold you back from landing on government contracts and achieving your dreams.

Everything you need to earn a six-figure government contract is at your fingertips. With the Trillion Dollar Secret, you’ll take your small business to BIG heights. Don’t hesitate to reach out. Visit us at TrillionDollarGovernmentContracts.com for more information! Watch the full YT Video on Karwanna D YouTube Channel.